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Oral Surgery

Perhaps you're considering an implant to replace a missing tooth, or maybe you need an extraction because of a troublesome tooth or for orthodontic correction. Dr. Chris Forte makes it easy for you to have an oral surgery procedure by offering services such as extractions and implant placement right in our office. That way, there is absolutely no need to get a referral and wait for a specialist to be able to see you.


Dr. Chris Forte is highly skilled at both routine and surgical extractions, eliminating the need for a referral to an oral surgeon.

Some common reasons for extractions include:

  • A fractured root or tooth
  • Severe periodontal (gum) disease
  • A poorly positioned tooth
  • Orthodontic correction
  • An impacted tooth

Dr. Chris Forte has 28 years of experience in oral surgery procedures, so you will be in good hands when you come to our office for an extraction.

Dr. Forte will give you post-surgery instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment, if necessary, to make sure you heal properly.

Implant Placement and Restoration

If you need to replace a missing tooth, implants are the option most like having your natural tooth. Implant teeth are custom made to match the rest of your smile and are designed to function like a real tooth. Dr. Chris Forte will make sure that your implant is an attractive match for the rest of your smile.

Implant placement has two steps. The first step is the surgical placement of a titanium post in the bone where your tooth is missing. After giving the bone time to heal around the implant post, Dr. Forte will place a crown on top, replacing your missing tooth.

Your crown will be attractive and functional. It provides a chewing surface, keeps the other teeth in place, and is an aesthetic replacement. The post functions like a natural tooth root, preventing your bone from deteriorating.

Caring for your implant is important to ensure it lasts a long time. Healthy gums are essential to the success of your implant. That is why Dr. Forte will recommend regular exams and cleanings in addition to excellent home care.

Whether you need an extraction or you are interested in tooth replacement, such as implants, Dr. Chris Forte will be able to offer you honest opinions about your treatment options. His skills and expertise will make your oral surgery procedure a successful one. Call our office today to schedule an initial exam. We look forward to meeting you. ?

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