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Children's Dental Care

Are you tired of taking your child to a different dental office for their care? Do you want the convenience of one office for your whole family? We know it is so important to our patients that their children receive excellent dental care, and that is why we welcome your whole family.

At Dr. Chris Forte’s office, we are skilled in treating children of all ages. We offer children’s preventative care and all types of procedures. We love teaching our young patients how to brush, floss, and take excellent care of their teeth. We're especially excited when our younger patients tell us that it's fun to go to the dentist!

Flexible Care for Different Stages

We start seeing children beginning around the age of three years. At their first visit, we will familiarize them with our office, team, and equipment. A dental office can be overwhelming for little ones, but we teach them there is nothing to worry about. If your three year old allows us, we will proceed with a children’s cleaning. Our experience in treating children will make their first dental visit go smoothly.

If treatment, such as fillings or sealants, becomes necessary, we will explain everything to your child in terms they understand. That way, they will feel at ease for their dental procedures. Dr. Chris Forte has 28 years of experience caring for children of all ages. Your child is in excellent hands at our office.

Your Child’s Home Care

When your child is an infant, we recommend wiping their gums with a damp cloth after they eat. Unless your child is put to bed with a bottle or is given too many sugary drinks, nothing else should be necessary until they start getting their baby teeth.

Once your child’s baby teeth start to come in, it is important to begin brushing with a soft-bristled child’s toothbrush. Special toothpaste for kids is available in flavors that encourage them to brush.
Are you ready to schedule an appointment for your child? Call our Brookfield dental office for an initial evaluation. You will be impressed by the expertise and compassion Dr. Chris Forte has for our smallest patients.?

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