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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Night Guards and Anti-Snoring Devices

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Night Guards and Anti-Snoring Devices

Dr. Chris Forte treats snoring with a special type of night guard that gently moves the lower jaw into a forward position, opening your airway. This special night guard is custom-made by taking impressions of your teeth. Because it is made just for you, it is more comfortable and effective than the over-the-counter versions.

Snoring affects up to 40% of people over 40 in America. It can disrupt sleep for you and your partner. A custom-made snore guard might be the answer for a quality night’s sleep.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can adversely affect your sleep. Not only that, but it can cause real damage. Your jaws can exert enough pressure on your teeth that you could crack a tooth, wear down your teeth, or cause painful head and neck aches.

Dr. Chris Forte makes custom night guards to protect against bruxism. A night guard provides a protective barrier between your teeth that absorbs some of the force exerted by your jaw. Wearing a custom night guard can help prevent damage that may result in extensive dentistry in the future.

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