Dr. Chris Forte, DDS
A Great Dentist

Do you see children?

We welcome children of all ages to our practice. Usually, we begin seeing kids around the age of three. We will introduce them to the dental office by showing them a mirror and some of our other handheld tools as well as letting them "go for a ride" in the dentist's chair. If your child allows us, we will proceed with a gentle cleaning to help them get accustomed to the dental office.

We have 28 years of experience treating children of all ages. Dr. Chris Forte enjoys building relationships with our youngest patients and working with parents on home care techniques to support a lifetime of good health. We combine education and preventative techniques so that you have the necessary tools to prevent many of the most common childhood dental conditions.

We go at your child’s pace. We'll help them feel comfortable and confident, creating a solid foundation for lifelong dental health. When you start dental care at a young age, it helps to eliminate the fear of the unknown. We will help their dental visits feel as routine as going to the doctor for a check-up. We make your child’s appointments fun and engaging because we know kids have limited attention spans.

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