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What is a dental crown?

You may hear the term dental crown all the time and not really know what it is. Dental crowns, sometimes called caps, are protective covers we place over a damaged or compromised tooth in order to protect it.

If you crack a tooth or severely chip it, we may recommend a crown to help protect by absorbing some of the force from chewing. Jaws are extremely strong and can exert a surprising amount of force, so if you tooth is damaged, you may risk losing it. A severely damaged tooth may be irreparable.

Teeth that receive root canal therapy are also good candidates for dental crowns because your tooth could become brittle after a root canal.

Dental crowns come in several varieties and the one that works best for you will depend on your situation, where the damaged tooth is located, and if it is visible when you talk and smile.

For visible areas of your mouth, ceramic or porcelain crowns are preferable because they are attractive and blend in with your smile. In other cases, such as a strong bite or other concerns, gold or porcelain and metal blended crowns may provide a better solution. No matter which type of crown works best for you, all of our crowns are custom made of high quality materials.

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