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How does a dental crown procedure work?

When you come to our Brookfield Illinois dental office to have a dental crown procedure, we will first take a few x-rays before we begin. This is necessary because we need to document your before and after x-rays for your chart and your insurance company.

Then, Dr. Chris Forte will make sure you are completely numb and comfortable for your procedure. Then he will begin by prepping your tooth--that means that he will remove a small amount of enamel to make room for your dental crown to fit right over top of your natural tooth structure. Occasionally, so much of your tooth structure is compromised that we need to do a core buildup procedure. A core buildup is exactly how it sounds. We stabilize your natural tooth structure, giving the crown a more stable surface to hold onto.

Next, Dr. Chris Forte will create a temporary crown, take impressions of your tooth, and send your information to a skilled dental lab to create your permanent crown. It can take between one to four weeks to create your permanent crown. Once we receive it, we will schedule you for your crown seat, make any final adjustments, and permanently cement it to your tooth.


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