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What is dental bonding?

At Dr. Chris Forte’s dental office, we can sometimes make small cosmetic adjustments and minor repairs using a procedure called dental bonding. Dental bonding utilizes the same composite material we use to make white fillings for our patients. The composite material is versatile, comes in a variety of shades, is durable, and long lasting.


If you have small flaws like a chip on your tooth, a gap between your teeth or a tooth that just looks oddly shaped, we may be able to address it with dental bonding.

Dental bonding works by first prepping the surface of your tooth to enable bonding to adhere. Then we apply the bonding material in layers and cure it with a special light, making it hard and durable. Next, Dr. Forte will polish and shape the bonding material so that it blends perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Most people will never know you had dental bonding because it will look so natural.

One of the biggest benefits of dental bonding is that minimal tooth prep is necessary. We maintain the integrity of your tooth structure and simply add on to it to create the fix.

Dental bonding does not work for every situation, but to find out if it is right for you, give us a call and schedule an evaluation.

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