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5 Foods That Harm Your Teeth (That You’re Still Eating Every Day)

At our Brookfield, Illinois, dental office, we don’t ask our patients to remove any types of foods from their diet. Some foods, however, are best eaten in moderation because they can cause harm to your teeth when they’re consumed frequently. We believe that you have the right to make educated choices about your health, and many people don’t realize that these foods can be problematic.

Take a look and see if you are eating any of these foods and then make an informed choice about whether and how often you want to include them in your diet.

  1. Pop

Many people assume that the problem with pop is the sugar content and believe that ...

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Is Cosmetic Bonding Right for You?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures, bonding is not as well-known as porcelain veneers or teeth whitening, so many of our patients are curious about this procedure and how it might benefit them.

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Bonding is done using composite tooth-colored resin – the same material that we use when we place tooth-colored fillings. This pliable and versatile material can be molded and shaped however we desire, and once it’s cured, it bonds with the tooth for a secure and permanent restoration.

What we do in cosmetic bonding is use the material to conceal areas of discoloration, fill in chips or small cracks, and ...

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Creating Healthy Routines

The kids are heading back to school, which means that it’s time for early mornings and homework once again.

Routines are a great way to keep everyone on track. Laying out clothes and backpacks in the morning and establishing a regular time and place to do homework help to prevent arguments and hassles. When something is a regular part of the schedule, it’s a lot harder to create an argument about it.

The same is true for dental care.

Brushing and flossing should be a routine part of every day. We know that in many of our families, arguments can erupt over brushing teeth. Sometimes this is because kids want to exert their ...

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The Truth About Root Canals

Many patients cringe and become fearful when they are told that they need a root canal. In a sense, this is understandable. Root canals have been built up for years as something painful and complicated, and many of you have probably heard horror stories told by your friends and family.

The truth is, however, that root canals are not painful, have a high success rate, and are typically no more complicated than filling a cavity. In fact, the American Association of Endodontists (root canal specialists) recently conducted a survey and found that people who had never even had a root canal were six times likelier than those who had to describe ...

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The Importance of Regular Dental Care

Overall health is strongly associated with your dental health, Dr. Chris Forte, DDS offers regular dental examinations as well as complete smile makeovers. If you need a new dentist in the Brookfield, IL area call our office today. 

Top 10 Reasons for Regular Dental Care:

1. ...

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Oral Hygiene Tips

Oral hygiene is a key component when it comes to having attractive, healthy looking teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing regularly and effectively keeps your teeth clean, free from stains, plaque and tartar build up, helps keep the gums in good condition and reduces your risk for dental decay and gum disease.

 What surprises me is the number of people we see at our dental practice in Brookfield,IL that are unaware of how to best care for their teeth and gums and have never been shown how to brush or floss correctly and efficiently. Simply brushing carefully for a full timed 2 minutes can make massive improvements in your gum health.

Removing ...

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