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Creating Healthy Routines

The kids are heading back to school, which means that it’s time for early mornings and homework once again.

Routines are a great way to keep everyone on track. Laying out clothes and backpacks in the morning and establishing a regular time and place to do homework help to prevent arguments and hassles. When something is a regular part of the schedule, it’s a lot harder to create an argument about it.

The same is true for dental care.

Brushing and flossing should be a routine part of every day. We know that in many of our families, arguments can erupt over brushing teeth. Sometimes this is because kids want to exert their ...

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The Importance of Regular Dental Care

Overall health is strongly associated with your dental health, Dr. Chris Forte, DDS offers regular dental examinations as well as complete smile makeovers. If you need a new dentist in the Brookfield, IL area call our office today. 

Top 10 Reasons for Regular Dental Care:

1. ...

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